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As a business owner you have the urge to do everything inside of your business by yourself.  After all, no one has your passion, your drive, or knows exactly how you want things done, right?

In theory, that may be a great way to get started, but in the long run this strategy will slow your business growth and it will soon burn you out. 

Working with me, I become your trusted advisor and an essential part of your business team. My job is to help you focus on the necessary business growth strategies and to make sure that you avoid pitfalls along the way.

Your Success is My Main Goal!


Our 5th Second Act Business Builders cohort will start February 7, 2023. 
This group is limited to 15 participants.
To sign up and secure your spot with a deposit…

what's in it for you?

As your business growth strategies, trusted advisor and coach we will start with one-on-one sessions to establish accountability and to have honest discussions about your goals. 

My specialty is business budgeting and helping you understand your business numbers. I will make sure understand your numbers (revenue, profit margins, sales prices and COGS) and show you how to use those numbers to keep your business healthy and growing.

Together we will formulate solid business and financial plans and work together to execute and implement those plans.

A little more about me

My passion is helping business owners just like you start and grow their businesses.

I have been hired by small businesses since 2009, and have been coaching my business clients since 2016.  I help my clients develop realistic business goals, understand their business numbers and help them create a solid plan to gain a clear path for the future.  
What’s your WHY? 
Do you have PASSION for your business?
Do you have a PLAN?

Together we can move your business forward, confidently.

Business Planning

Your business needs a solid plan.  Branding, marketing, budgeting and more…
I can help!

Starting a Nonprofit

Are you ready to start your own nonprofit organization?
I can help!

Business Coaching

If you’re ready to explore the idea of a business coach … 
I can help!


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