Business Coach Angela Lofton Moore
Creator of Second Act Business Builders

Our next
Second Act Business Builders Cohort, starts
July 5, 2022
6pm - 7:30pm
Course Investment $3,999
Early Bird Pricing:
$1,999 ends 4/30/2022
$2,999 ends June 19th, 2022
$3,999 starts June 20, 2022

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Second Act Business Builders
July 2022 Course Outline

~Thinking Like a CEO
     •Focus Your Mindset
~Eliminate your Limiting Beliefs
     •Forget how you think about money
     •Stop Thinking Small / Raise Your Prices!
     •It’s ok to be successful
~Structuring Your Business
     •LLC or Sole Proprietor, or Corp?
     •Business Compliance
     •Legal Documents
     •Trademarking your business
~Business Compliance
     •Annual Reporting
     •License Renewals
     •Tax Filings
     •Understanding Basic Business Financials 
     •Getting recognized as a brand
     •Establishing your Market Dominating Position
     •Identifying your Target Audience
     •Using the Conversion Equation 
     •Using Social Media
~Sales Strategies
     •Defining your sales cycle
     •Utilizing Your Market Dominating Position
       (aka your elevator pitch)
     •Establishing Your Unique Selling Proposition 
      (what makes you different?)
     •What are you Selling
     •What problem does your product/service solve
     •Why are you better than the competition?
~Budgeting & Pricing
     •Establishing a realistic budget
     •Are your prices appropriate
     •What are your profit margins
~Business Plan Writing
     •Business Description
     •Vision & Mission Statements
     •Products and Services
     •Marketing Strategy
     •Budget & Forecasting
~Business Credit
     •Setting up your business for business credit
     •Establish your Dun & Bradstreet Number
~Financing Your Business
     •Loans & Grants

Jacquelyn Smithson Howard

What Qualifies Me To Coach You?

There are a lot of coaches in the world these days.  Many of them are very good at what they do.  They are experts in their field and do great work to help their clients achieve their goals.

In your search for someone to help you start, develop and grow your business, what should you look for?  For me it was experience.  When I was ready to hire my own business coach, I wanted someone who had been there and done that as far as being an entrepreneur is concerned.  I didn’t want someone who had read all the books, studied hard and became certified.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I needed someone who had real world, practical entrepreneurial experience, someone who has started and operated their own successful business.

My Second Act Business Builder program is designed for the mature woman who is ready to grow the business she started in her second act.  As mature women, we have less distractions, more focus and strong determination to build something solid and meaningful for ourselves and our families.

As your business coach, I will take you out of your comfort zone.  I will challenge your limiting beliefs, engage your CEO mindset and stop you from thinking small in your business.  

My husband and I started 9 businesses from scratch, including the 5 I still operate today.  I made mistakes and I learned some expensive lessons.  I know where the pitfalls are and I will help you avoid them.  If that’s the kind of experience you’re looking for, I look forward to talking with you.  

“Never take climbing advice from someone
who hasn’t reached the heights you’re trying to reach”

Testimonial -
Willie J Green

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Our next
Second Act Business Builders Cohort, starts
July 5, 2022
6pm - 7:30pm
Course Investment $3,999
Early Bird Pricing:
$1,999 ends 4/30/2022
$2,999 ends June 19, 2022
$3,999 starts June 20, 2022

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About Our
Second Act Business Builders Academy

The next 90-day Second Act Business Builder Academy
will launch July 5, 2022

Its focus is to help you clarify your business idea, challenge your limiting beliefs, strengthen your CEO mindset, help you create a strong work ethic and create a solid plan to elevate your business to the next level.

We will have weekly group meetings. There will also be some homework! In addition, you will also have a 30 minute 1:1 call with me twice a month (9 total) to discuss the assignment or to address any topic in furtherance of your business growth.

At the end of our program you will not only have a strong, well written business plan that can be used to secure funding for your new business, you will also be more focused and better equipped to fully embrace your role as CEO.

Each participant will receive  workbook to take notes and jot down ideas along the way.

During our initial meeting, we will go over every section of the workbook and how to use it to your advantage.